Ancient Explorer

Ancient Explorer is dedicated to providing high-quality, interactive and fun educational resources and workshops about Archaeology and the Ancient Americas to explorers of all ages. Our products and services are designed and delivered by Dr Lisa Dunbar Solas, an archaeologist and the director of the business.

Our educational workshops encourage creativity and the development of reasoning and problem-solving skills whilst learning about ancient landscapes and the importance of respecting other cultures.

​Activities include storytelling, performance and art, technology, religion and ceremony in the Ancient Americas and much more.

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Learn about Dr Lisa

Dr Lisa Dunbar Solas is an ancient explorer of the Central Andes and a leading expert on Inka ceremony and the sacred landscape.

As a child, she developed a curiosity for Amerindian cultures, and this inspired her as an adult her to study Archaeology and Spanish at the Australian National University. During her research career, Lisa has designed projects and led multi-national archaeological teams in Cusco and Ancash, Peru. Meanwhile, she has delivered public talks at Australian and international conferences and events on her research, including the Australian National Gallery’s ‘Gold and the Inka’ exhibition in 2014. In 2015, she was awarded her PhD in Archaeology.

While completing her studies, she began working for various institutions and companies as an educator and facilitator for adults and school-aged children. She strives to foster curiosity and ignite passion in her students.

In addition to sharing her knowledge of and passion for the Ancient Americas, Lisa is available for corporate events and team-building workshops on topics including how to overcome adversity, positive team-building or something tailored to your company’s requirements.

Our Services


Ancient Explorer reaches out to all explorers, whether they attend urban, rural or remote schools and out-of-school care programs, to bring the experience of Archaeology and the ancient world …

School Talks

Ancient Explorer is passionate about promoting cultural diversity, mutual understanding and respect, especially in light of the current global climate. Lisa presents in class talks to students on topics, such as how to overcome communication and cultural barriers, and the ethics of working with indigenous communities …

Motivational Speaking and Coaching

Living and working in the Central Andes presented Lisa with significant challenges and opportunities to grow personally and professionally. While living within a community, she also gained insight into the Andean perspective of adversity and the practices applied to overcome them …