Ancient Explorer

Travel back in time, unlock the secrets of the past

What’s an Ancient Explorer?

A person who travels back in time and bravely explores with wonder and respect to unlock the mysteries of the past.

Also known as time-traveller, explorer, archaeologist, anthropologist, creative.

Our Vision

It is our mission to inspire people of all ages to explore our rich and diverse planet with wonder and learn about our ancestors and other cultural traditions. We believe that through gaining knowledge, we can begin to build understanding, respect and compassion for our own way of life and also those different from us.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality educational resources and books.

Inca terraces tipon from Cuzco


Our children have attended two workshops with Ancient Explorer. Lisa is a very talented educator who offers children a hands on workshop. Our children loved learning about the Mayan civilization and Vikings. Lisa offers workshops that engage children in the process of an archaeological dig. Our children were able to find and locate artifacts and record their findings just like a real archaeologist would.
We can’t wait to see what Ancient explorer has planned for the next school holidays.

Tammy Corrigan

Central Coast, NSW

From my observation, Dr Lisa plans her workshops thoroughly with high attention to detail and her style of teaching caters for children with all different learning styles. She will include audio, visual and lots of hands-on experiences to ensure that the children walk away with gaining some level of knowledge of the Inca civilization and more. I was completely impressed that the children had learnt to count in Spanish and could retell me about intricate details about the Mayan pyramids from only attending a 2-hour workshop.

Dr Lisa’s patience and effort towards the children learning is inspirational. I feel completely comfortable leaving our girls in her care and feel that she is a wonderful role model for them. My eldest daughter has talked about becoming a female archaeologist herself one day.

Leisa Rangott

Central Coast, NSW

Dr Lisa Dunbar-Solas is a world-class mythologist, storyteller and artist. The 21st century is a highly disruptive one in the history of humanity. With this, comes the recognition of the incredible value of the re-emergence of Indigenous knowledges and storytelling more broadly across the planet, for communities big and small, governments and education alike. Lisa’s work is making a significant contribution in positively transforming our pedagogical systems worldwide to incorporate these knowledges, thus fostering a strengths-based and culturally respectful and inclusive approach to education. What is more, her innovative educational methods are fostering holistic wellbeing, emotional intelligence and broader perspective for the young minds of tomorrow. Hope for the younger generation is a quality we sorely need right now. Personally, I count on Lisa for her unmatched depth of knowledge of native stories and creation myths in my work as a healer and integrative therapist. As a scholar who has worked and published in the space of storytelling, wellbeing and holistic and innovative methods, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lisa’s services and expertise to schools, community groups and individuals. I firmly believe her expertise, pedagogical tools, and most importantly, personal integrity have the capacity to change the world in positive and enduring ways.
Dr Olivia Efthimiou

PhD, Honorary Research Fellow, College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Sciences, Murdoch University, Australia