Team Ancient Explorer is celebrating this week as we achieved another great milestone. Finally, after many months of preparation, we are happy to announce that our online store is now open!

Just in time for Christmas, the first product available is our Ancient Explorer Excavation Kit for early learners. This unique kit comprises six essential tools a young explorer needs to carry out their very own archaeological dig in their backyard, including the Teifoc brick mason’s trowel, and a pair of gloves with reinforced fingers and knuckles for safe excavation. I designed especially for this kit the Wacho bucket. Wacho, the spotted llama, is Ana Solana’s good friend and together with Otis, the hairless dog, they have formed a group called Team Ancient Explorer.  Wacho loves to help out on a dig by hauling buckets of dirt. 

The Ancient Explorer Excavation kit is available now for $30 (AUD) plus shipping. To visit our store, simply click on ‘Shop’ located on the menu bar.


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