February 2018

We are happy to announce the winners of our ‘My Adventure at Machu Picchu Competition.

Child Division

In the child division, our winners are Kaelan, 6,  and Nathanael, 8, from the Central Coast, NSW, Australia, for their Inka Temple made of Lego.

Inka Temple

Kaelan and Nathanael were inspired to build something that told a story. They made a Incan temple from Lego, and placed their worry dolls as kings on top and a llama at it’s base. Once they constructed the temple, they placed it in the garden under a tree to make it look like it was situated in the jungle. They placed circular feather-fan, made at one of our classes, behind the temple and this represented the Sun God.

‘My Adventure at Machu Picchu’ Winning Entry, Child Division


Adult Division

In the adult division, our winner is Kylie Hancock, also from the Central Coast, NSW, Australia for ‘Elixir of Eternal Life’.

Elixir of Eternal Life

Hidden, crouching amongst the orchids and undergrowth, watching silently, as he had for many years past.   Men and women dressed for their cause, chatter excitedly about what they may find.  Eyes full of hope and wonder, minds exploding from the never ending thoughts, pass him by.

Not noticing the creature so close, just a breathe away.  Who’s heart is torn yet again, questioning itself, recalling the past.  How long had it been?  One, two hundred years perhaps, time was irrelevant when one had eternal life.  Holding no resemblance of its previous form the creature recalls the time when a day became eternity.

Dr Larz VanLex was leading a team of archaeologists from Sweden.  Determined to succeed where many had failed before.  Summer in Peru, 1816, was hot and extremely humid.  Everyone in the team was suffering from conditions.  But today, he, Dr VanLex could sense it, they were close.  Close to a discovery that would make him famous.  He could see it now “Renowned archaeologist Dr Larz VanLex uncovers Inca’s Hidden City”.   Claimed not only to be filled with gold and treasures beyond ones limited imagination, it was said to protect the Elixir of Eternal Life.  Imagine the possibilities!

Weeks had turned into months of searching, hopes had become disappointments.  Yet, as night was beginning to fall, Larz felt something.  Something or someone was telling him, he was close.  He pulled back the large Lupin leaf before him, revealing ancient symbols.  They had been carved into the rock and were liked the images he had seen in his dreams many times before.

Pushing hard onto a black shiny granite stone which seemed out of place amongst the grey, moss covered others, a stone door opened.  Entering the dark temple full of anticipation and apprehension, Dr VanLex and his team fell silent.  Light from their primitive torches provided little relief from the blackness.  Fumbling, they found themselves standing in what appeared to be a large central room.  Standing out from the blackness in the centre of the room was a golden casket surrounded by walls embellished with glittering gems.

Four small bottles, sat on the casket.  Carefully placed in carved out wells in the gold. Each adorned with a symbol of an animal above more ancient writing.  Larz examined the bottles, interpreting would be could from the mystical symbols. 

                               Llama for strength

                               Macaw for beauty

                               Snake for poison

                               Puma for power

Together the Elixir of Eternal Life

In that moment, a moment he would regret, Larz made a decision that would change his and others life forever.  Overcome by his own desire for power and notary, he suddenly grasped the four crystal bottles.  Swallowing the coloured liquid of each in quick succession, trying not to notice the bitter and foul taste and the fire that burnt within.     

Blinded, as the room filled with a light so golden and bright, his team screamed.  Gasping for air that no longer existed, one by one they fell.  An image so horrific burned into their minds as they passed into oblivion.  An image of the creature that Larz had become.  Llama in body, covered with colourful feathers of a Macaw, a black and powerful puma head with a poisoned forked tongue of a snake.   External life had been granted.  He was now the Guardian of the Temple.

A tear fell from the creatures eye, forming a reflection as it dropped onto a leaf below.  He glanced  briefly within the glimmering pool, at what he had become, what was and what is.  Screamed, a noise which came from deep inside his tortured body and goes to hunt.  To feast on those that come to search as he had.   For no-one can ever enter the Temple again, the Gods have spoken and Larz must obey.

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