Guillo el armadillo

by | Jan 13, 2021

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Guillo, el armadillo is a heart-warming picture book in Spanish for young children and is our January Book of the Month. Andrea Olatunj is the book’s author and illustrator.

The book is the second in her Nuestra Fauna series. The first book in the series is Omar el Jaguar, which is another favourite picture book of mine. Andrea is an avid lover of Nature like me, and her Nuestra Fauna series aims to introduce children to the native animals of the Americas.

Who is Guillo, el armadillo?

The main character is Guillo and he is an armadillo. An armadillo is a small terrestrial mammal that has bony parts on its head, back, legs and tail. There are 19 species in Latin America and they live in a diverse range of habitats, including the rainforest and semi-deserts.

Guillo, el armadillo starts school but very soon after, becomes despondent when he sees other students demonstrating their own special talents and he struggles to find his own.

Inspiring children to find their gifts

Andrea is also a teacher. When creating Guillo’s story, she drew inspiration from experiences she had with her students in the classroom. As Andrea recently shared with us on Instagram, some of her students struggled to identify their gifts. With the help of her characters, she aims to inspire students to overcome their challenges so that they can share their talents.

Who is the book for?

The narrative is beautifully crafted. The text was written intentionally, and as a result, is magical, in my opinion. Meanwhile, the illustrations are colourful and delightful. The book is perfect for young children who speak or are learning Spanish. It also introduces the reader to the fauna of South America. But perhaps most importantly, this story inspires children to look inside of themselves and discover their unique gifts.

In my opinion, Guillo is a star! He will help children shine brightly too. Simply can’t recommend the book enough!

You can learn more about Andrea at her website.

Meanwhile, Andrea and I warmly invite you to join us on a creative adventure this week. Andrea will give a live reading of Guillo, el armadillo, and we will make armadillo headbands. If you attend, Andrea will also send you a digital package that includes an electronic copy of the book.

To purchase tickets to the online event, please visit the Ancient Explorer shop.

We hope to see you there!

The image is by Andrea Olatunji.


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