Make photographic collages of your adventures

by | Apr 21, 2020

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Are you looking for interesting craft activity to do while at home? In this post, I explain how to make photographic collages of your adventures. As I discovered recently, this is a fun activity that doesn’t require a lot of resources.

Over the past fifteen years, I have been very fortunate to visit many countries around the world, including Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, India, and the USA. In addition to my diary and pencils, one essential tool I carry is my camera. Now, I have a digital collection that includes tens of thousands of photos. As an archaeologist, each photo can be valuable, as they can immortalise important sets of information about objects and places. Other times I use photos as references for drawings and paintings. However, several weeks ago, I began to cut elements from my photos to create art collages. This activity has been particularly satisfying, as I always wanted to celebrate my journeys by making art using my photographs.

After a few attempts, this activity is not only relaxing, but it also invites you to use your imagination as you weave together elements to create new stories about the places you have been to.

So, how do you make photographic collages of your adventures?

You will need the following materials:

Now, look carefully at your photos and select the elements you feel appealing or catch your eye. Then, cut them out using scissors.

Take the time to arrange your photos on the paper or canvas, layering them. When you are happy with their arrangement, stick the photos into place using your medium. Allow the collage to dry completely. Then add a layer of sealer and varnish. Leave the artwork to dry. I recommend you place at least a second layer of sealer and varnish.

Later, once the photographic collage is completely dry, you can then display it. If you made it on paper, you can place it in a frame and hang it on your wall. Similarly, if you made it on canvas, you can mount it. If you wish, you can also create a smaller collage in your journal.

For inspiration, I invite you to check out my nature-based and travel collages, which are now available on Redbubble.

While these collages were made using digital applications, the fundamental technique is the same.

In the coming days, you will also be able to purchase fine art prints of my collages in my shop.

Happy creating, ancient explorers!

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