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by | Feb 12, 2020

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Happy New Year, Ancient Explorers! I hope you had a terrific break.

I have been quiet for a little while, as I have been busy finishing a new book, a volume of papers called Yachay Wasi: The House of Knowledge of I.S. Farrington, with my fellow ancient explorers, Rebecca Parkes, Damian Tybussek and Christine Gant-Thompson. This new book is, in fact, a festschrift for our postgraduate supervisor, Ian Farrington, who taught at the Australian National University for over 25 years, retiring in 2012. Meanwhile, he has conducted research in South America for almost 40 years.

Yachay Wasi includes chapters on a wide range of topics within the disciplines of history and archaeology across three regions: Australia, Europe and South America. I have myself included a review of current approaches to Inka sacrifice based on my PhD research.

I extend my sincerest thanks to our families and friends for their support over the last six years and also to Lantern Heritage for its financial support.

The book is now available through BAR Publishing, based in Oxford, England.

You can read more about our new book by visiting their website at:

You can also contact me also for any further information. Just comment below or write to me via my contact page.

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