New Member of Team Ancient Explorer

by | Sep 4, 2020

Alaskan landscape

Next week I will be revealing our new member of Team Ancient Explorer. I am super excited about this reveal. I have spent the past four months developing this character with the help of a wonderful colleague, who I shall introduce to you very soon. This project has given me a sense of focus and direction while dealing with the changes brought about by the pandemic. As many of you are aware, I was forced to suspend teaching incursions in person earlier this year. It is a wonderful feeling to have finally arrived at a point where I can reveal our new friend. 

Our new team member will join our growing community of young explorers, which include Ana Solana, who is from Cusco, Peru and also her amigos, Otis, Wacho and Qowa. Last month, I shared on Ancient Explorer’s social media pages five clues to their identity. Have you had a go at guessing their identity yet?

Our new team member’s reveal is in celebration of the upcoming release of a brand new resource, which will be initially available as a downloadable document from our website and Teachers Pay Teachers store

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Meanwhile, if you think you have worked out the identity of our new member of Team Ancient Explorer, share with us your ideas on our social media pages or comment below.

Until next week, amigos!


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